New Coffees

The new Sumatra Mandheling is now available. This is roasted slightly lighter than the previous Sumatran coffee and is now marked as a medium roast, but this still has the thick body and slight earthiness fans of our Sumatran coffee expect along with a delightful flavor reminiscent of apricot that develops with this roast.

Kenya AA is back. This time it's roasted slightly darker than the previous Kenyan coffee and is now marked as a medium roast. It still has the distinctive and provocative acidity that the best Kenyan coffees are known for combined with tons of sweetness.

If you enjoy the Kenyan but wish the acidity were just a little less intense, the new Colombia Cauca Piendamo might be the coffee you're looking for. This juicy coffee fills your mouth with sweetness and carries pleasant floral aromatics.

What We Do

Wilson’s Coffee & Tea is Racine’s best source for great tasting coffee. We select exceptional coffees from all over the world and roast each on site to bring out its optimal flavor. Our coffees are available by the pound or by the cup.

A full espresso bar offers delicious cappuccinos, caffé lattés, and caffé mochas, blended drinks, and more along with fresh, made from scratch bakery.

Wilson’s also carries a large selection of premium teas and tisanes, an original chai concentrate prepared and bottled on site, fine chocolates, mugs, and tea and coffee accessories.

Coffee: Our sourcing and roasting philosophy

Every coffee comes from somewhere. The place where the coffee is grown has a tremendous influence on how it tastes. Soil, temperature, and rainfall have quite a bit to do with how a coffee will ultimately taste. Variety selection, farming techniques, and the care taken in harvesting and processing also play a role. We try to find a variety of unique coffees, all different, but all delicious.

For each lot of coffee we buy, we evaluate several different roasts and try to find ways of roasting that coffee which bring out the best characteristics of that coffee. The result of this coffee first approach is that there is a great diversity of roasting styles among the coffees we offer.