The State of Things

During the current state of emergency, we are taking some additional steps to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. Watch this space for updates as the situation evolves.

Hours are now reduced to Monday–Saturday, 7AM–4PM and Sunday, 9AM–3PM. Ordering and paying ahead by phone is strongly encouraged. Our phone number is (262) 634-6611. For pre-paid orders we are happy to take your order to the curb to minimize human contact.

For those placing orders by phone, you may find our drink menu (PDF) and tea menu (PDF) helpful.

Bakery options are being reduced for ease of phone orders. We will have a limited supply of shortbread cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, peanut butter cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, almond slices, cowboy cookies, and morning glory muffins daily, but we will try to keep these well stocked. There will also be two additional bakery items available each day and we are happy to discuss these options over the phone.

Gift certificates can also be ordered over the phone and we are happy to mail those to you with no charge for postage.

Online sales continue to be processed as normal. After successfully placing an order you should immediately get an order confirmation email. If you have special instructions which do not impact the price of the order, you can reply to that order confirmation promptly and a real human will be monitoring that and replying to requests such as grinding or splitting pounds into half pound bags. We will do our best to accommodate prompt and reasonable requests.

There is no in store seating. Drinks and bakery are available for take out only. If you choose to enter the shop, please remember to keep a distance of 6 feet from others. Packaged coffee, tea, chai concentrate, and other retail products are still available and we are doing our best to keep the shelves stocked.

Wilson's Coffee & Tea Named Best Independent Coffee Shop in Wisconsin

A recent article has us listed as the best independent coffee shop in Wisconsin (we're buried near the bottom of page 11). This was based on Yelp reviews and our Yelp strategy has been to pretend that Yelp doesn't exist, so this listing is entirely thanks to our awesome customers who have gone out of their way to let people know what they like about this place. Thanks for sharing those 5 star reviews!

Behind the Scenes

The flavor of a coffee depends on many details. One of these is how that coffee is roasted. Neal Wilson has created a series of videos that look at different approaches to coffee roasting and how these impact the flavor of a specific coffee. The latest episode features our Ethiopia Ardi.

Now Selling Online!

You can now order one pound bags of whole bean roasted coffee through this web site. So far this is just a test run. If things go well we'll consider adding more features and products, but we're starting out with something simple. If you want something other than one pound bags of whole bean roasted coffee, orders can still be placed by phone.

Check our coffee list to see what's available!

What We Do

Wilson’s Coffee & Tea is Racine’s best source for great tasting coffee. We select exceptional coffees from all over the world and roast each on site to bring out its optimal flavor. Our coffees are available by the pound or by the cup.

A full espresso bar offers delicious cappuccinos, caffé lattés, and caffé mochas, blended drinks, and more along with fresh, made from scratch bakery.

Wilson’s also carries a large selection of premium teas and tisanes, an original chai concentrate prepared and bottled on site, fine chocolates, mugs, and tea and coffee accessories.

Coffee: Our sourcing and roasting philosophy

Every coffee comes from somewhere. The place where the coffee is grown has a tremendous influence on how it tastes. Soil, temperature, and rainfall have quite a bit to do with how a coffee will ultimately taste. Variety selection, farming techniques, and the care taken in harvesting and processing also play a role. We try to find a variety of unique coffees, all different, but all delicious.

For each lot of coffee we buy, we evaluate several different roasts and try to find ways of roasting that coffee which bring out the best characteristics of that coffee. The result of this coffee first approach is that there is a great diversity of roasting styles among the coffees we offer.