African and Western Asian Coffees

These are our current assortment of coffees from the African continent.

Kenya AA

Rwanda Rusizi District Agasaro Women Grown

Yemen Mocha

American Coffees

The following coffees are from North, Central, or South America.

Costa Rica La Minita Dark Roast

Costa Rica La Minita Medium Roast

Nicaragua Jinotega Fair Trade Certified

Decaf Colombia

Decaf Mexico

Pacific Coffees

The following coffees are from a region stretching roughly from India to Australia and includes many islands.


Timor-Leste Fair Trade Certified

Decaf Timor Fair Trade Certified

Coffee Blends and French Roast

Our blends combine multiple coffees to create flavor profiles that are difficult to achieve with a single coffee.

Breakfast Blend

European Blend

Mocha Java Blend

Viking Blend Espresso

Wilson's House Blend

Decaf European Blend

Decaf Viking Blend Espresso