Apricot Arabesque

This is a Chinese black tea with an apricot flavoring.

0.4 lb. $10.40

0.1 lb. $3.35

Apricot Arabesque Decaf

This is a decaffeinated black tea with an apricot flavoring.

0.4 lb. $12.80

0.1 lb. $3.95


This heavy, full bodied tea has a deep, malty flavor. The black tea leaves come from northern India.

0.4 lb. $12.00

0.1 lb. $3.75

Black Dragon

This is a sweet, mild tea with a floral and fruity aroma.

0.35 lb. $16.10

0.1 lb. $5.35


This is a clean, flavorful black tea from the island of Sri Lanka.

0.4 lb. $11.20

0.1 lb. $3.55


Whole chamomile flowers produce a brew with well rounded flavor and a beautiful color.

0.15 lb. $4.80

0.05 lb. $2.35

Cranberry Orange

Tart cranberries, rosehips, and hibiscus with sweet orange essence combine to create this popular infusion.

0.4 lb. $12.00

0.1 lb. $3.75


This mild, bright, crisp black tea comes from northern India.

0.5 lb. $14.00

0.15 lb. $4.95


This refreshing green tea is mild and smooth with a hint of sweetness.

0.35 lb. $10.50

0.1 lb. $3.75

Earl Grey

This classic tea is made with a traditional blend of black teas and natural oil of bergamot.

0.45 lb. $11.70

0.12 lb. $3.90

English Breakfast

English Breakfast offers a flavor and aroma that is bright and uplifting.

0.6 lb. $18.00

0.15 lb. $5.25

English Breakfast Decaf

This well balanced traditional blend of black teas is decaffeinated by a non-chemical process.

0.45 lb. $14.40

0.12 lb. $4.60

Himalayan Strawberry

This crisp black tea is flavored with the taste of sweet strawberries.

0.45 lb. $11.70

0.15 lb. $4.65


This green tea is scented with jasmine flowers.

0.45 lb. $11.70

0.12 lb. $3.90

Lapsang Souchong

This full bodied smoked black tea exhibits good depth and richness.

0.45 lb. $12.60

0.12 lb. $4.15

Moroccan Blend

Gunpowder green tea blended with peppermint produces this sweet, minty brew.

0.5 lb. $14.00

0.15 lb. $4.95

Orange Spice

Robust black tea with orange essence, cinnamon, cloves, and allspice make up this classic blend.

0.5 lb. $15.00

0.15 lb. $5.25


Clean, crisp peppermint flavor and aroma.

0.2 lb. $6.40

0.08 lb. $3.30

Peppermint Chamomile

This is a smooth, delicious blend of chamomile flowers and peppermint leaves.

0.2 lb. $6.40

0.08 lb. $3.30


This rooibos produces a smooth and mellow yet full bodied brew.

0.55 lb. $16.50

0.15 lb. $5.25

Sencha Spiderleg

This is a beautiful green tea with a clean, fresh aroma and smooth, mild flavor. Several cuts above most senchas we have tasted.

0.55 lb. $19.80

0.15 lb. $6.15



0.2 lb. $6.40

0.08 lb. $3.30

Sun, Moon & Stars

This tea is a delightful blend of jasmine, oolong, and gunpowder green tea. It has a crisp, clean taste with floral highlights.

0.4 lb. $12.00

0.1 lb. $3.75

Temple of Heaven

This green tea is tightly rolled into small pellets that resemble old-fashioned gunpowder. When the tea is brewed the leaves open to give a rich, full bodied cup of tea.

0.7 lb. $19.60

0.2 lb. $6.35


This tea is an exotic combination of kiwi, passion fruit, mango, lime, and black tea.

0.4 lb. $10.40

0.1 lb. $3.35

Young Hyson

This Chinese green tea has a pale green color and delicate sweet flavor.

0.45 lb. $11.70

0.12 lb. $3.90